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Preventing Excel Scientific Notation for Account Numbers in PHP Export

When exporting data from PHP to Excel, dealing with large numbers like account numbers can sometimes lead to unexpected formatting issues, such as Excel displaying numbers in scientific notation. This blog post will guide you through a simple yet effective solution to ensure that account numbers are exported and displayed correctly in Excel without the interference of scientific notation.

Problem Statement:

Imagine you're exporting account numbers from a PHP script to an Excel spreadsheet. However, upon opening the exported spreadsheet, you notice that some account numbers are displayed in scientific notation (e.g., 1.59001E+12). This issue arises when Excel automatically converts large numbers into scientific notation, which can be misleading and inconvenient.

The Solution:

To address this issue, follow these steps:

1. Identify the Issue:
First, recognize that the problem is not with your PHP code but with how Excel interprets and formats large numbers. When Excel encounters a number in a specific format, it might apply scientific notation to represent the number in a shorter format.

2. Export with Text Formatting:
To prevent Excel from applying scientific notation, export the account numbers with a specific cell formatting option. You can use the mso-number-format:'\@'; style to explicitly tell Excel to treat the value as text.

3. Implementation:
Here's how to implement this solution in your PHP code:

$BankAccNo = $row['BankAccNo']; // Replace this with your data retrieval

// Export to Excel code
echo '<td style="mso-number-format:\'\@\';">' . $BankAccNo . '</td>';

4. Explanation:

The mso-number-format:'\@'; style is applied directly to the cell's <td> element. This style is a directive to Excel, indicating that the cell should be formatted as text. This prevents Excel from automatically converting the value to scientific notation.

5. Benefits:
Accurate Data Presentation: By using this approach, you ensure that the account numbers are displayed exactly as they are, without any modifications or scientific notation.

No External Libraries Required: You can achieve this solution without relying on external libraries or tools, making the implementation straightforward and efficient.


When working with PHP and Excel, handling large numbers like account numbers requires attention to formatting to avoid issues like scientific notation. By implementing the mso-number-format:'\@'; style, you can ensure that your exported data is presented accurately and consistently in Excel, without the interference of unwanted formatting. This solution allows you to maintain data integrity and provide a seamless user experience when exporting and sharing data between PHP and Excel.

Remember that this solution is not limited to just account numbers—it can be applied to any situation where you need to export large numbers to Excel while preserving their original format.

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