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Establish Wi-Fi connection in a small area

To Establish Wi-Fi connection in a small area you have to follow the following steps:

  1. Calculate the area properly.
  2. Rent an internet connection from a suitable ISP.
  3. Procure a Wi-Fi router from the market on the basis of the area measurement and required speed (Netgear make Dual band preferable). 
  4. Choose a proper location within the area where you want to setup the wi-fi network. (roof location is preferable).
  5. Make a electrical point adjoin to wi-fi router setup location you have decided at per step 3.
  6. Insert ISP broad band connection LAN cable into the Wi-Fi RJ45 port.
  7. Ask ISP to provide the IP Address, DNS, Default Gateway for your connection.
  8. Open the wi-fi basic setting menu of wi-fi router by using router's IP address in a web browser
  9. Configure the ISP provided IP, DNS, Default Gateway in basic setting menu of the wi-fi router.
  10. Setup the wi-fi security setting by providing a Wi-Fi network name, SSID key to access the wi-fi.
  11. Now your wi-fi network connection is ready to accept wi-fi requests from different wireless devices. 
  12. One has to provide the Wi-Fi network name and SSID key to join into your wi-fi network. So please share the wi-fi network name and SSID key with the network devices which you want to join into your network. Enjoy Wi-Fi Network! 

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